How can I use the GNPD?

Mintel GNPD is used by a multitude of different types of companies worldwide, including food and drink manufacturers, ingredients and packaging companies, fragrance houses, public sector bodies and agencies.

Here are just some of the ways you can benefit. Use the GNPD to:

Monitor new product launches

Understand what new products are being launched, when they’re launching and how successful those launches are.

Study new product trends

Spot the emergence of new ingredients, flavours, fragrances, claims and products within categories of interest and monitor their success over time.

Improve NPD processes

See new products from around the globe to generate new product ideas and use the 1-million-to-1 process to dramatically streamline your NPD process.

Monitor competitor activity

Track competitor product launches to establish their success and failure rates to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Analyse and understand ingredients, fragrance, claims and packaging

Drill down into the ingredients, flavours and fragrances found in the latest new products, identify which companies are launching them, and understand the sales performance of those products. Gain insight into the latest trends and innovations in packaging from around the world and understand the use of particular materials and closure types to help plan for new products. Understand the latest flavour trends in categories of interest, spot emerging flavours and ingredients and understand the claims associated with them. Analyse and understand flavour/fragrance/pack/claim/ingredient development

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