Mintel GNPD Innovations Club – showcasing the most innovative products

Mintel GNPD's Innovations Club enables you to touch and feel the most innovative launches from around the world. Samples of the most original and groundbreaking consumer packaged goods products from around the globe, selected by our lead consultants, are delivered regularly, directly to your desk. For targeted sources of inspiration you can join the food, the drink, or the creative packaging (CreaPAC) club.

  • Food Innovation Club – reviewing innovative food products every quarter
  • Drink Innovation Club – providing quarterly insight into the most interesting beverage developments
  • Creative Packaging (CreaPAC) – focused on innovative Packaging, processes and materials delivered each quarter

In-depth product analysis accompanies the products, outlining the opportunities these innovations present for your business. See a snapshot of Innovations Club insight.

How are these products scored in terms of innovation?

Each item is scored on the following characteristics giving you an easy benchmarking system to quickly spot those super-innovative products:

  • Originality
  • Positioning
  • Formulation
  • Pack Design
  • Price Rating

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