Mintel’s Global New Products Database (GNPD) is the industry gold standard for new product trends and innovation. With global coverage of the key new products launched, GNPD delivers the highest level of data granularity, local market knowledge and in-depth analysis. Mintel’s rigorous quality standards, methodology and robust data provide the world’s leading brands, manufacturers, suppliers and retailers with best-in-class market intelligence to drive growth and success.





Personal Care



In partnership with IRi, GNPD IRIS overlays SKU-level sales data with new product launch activity during their first two years on the shelves, allowing users to differentiate successful from unsuccessful new product launches.

In-house Consultative & Retrieval Services

Global, in-house consulting and field services teams provide additional levels of support for custom presentations, analysis and product procurement. Find out what’s impacting consumer choice – in stores, on shelves, in service, on price tags.

Product Innovation

Discover new and innovative concepts, products and emerging ingredients. Mintel GNPD helps clients understand market shifts and opportunities as well as notable innovations launching in other categories and countries.

We act local and think global. Mintel GNPD’s global network of expert shoppers monitor and capture new product launches. Unrivalled levels of quality and consistency are achieved using standardised in-house data entry, editing and photography.

With various charts, graphs, tables and more, GNPD can be searched in countless ways. Search and analysis results can also be saved for future reference.

From category insights published, to patent perspectives, to innovation updates and webinars CPG/fmcg experts provide context and analysis to GNPD.

Covering food science innovation in R&D, patents, ingredients and formulation, GNPD subscribers can access a portion of Mintel’s exclusive technical articles.

Inspire creative solutions through the latest packaging trends and identify opportunities and new applications. Use GNPD to get detailed cross-category packaging information to understand materials usage, closure types and trends and inform your new developments.